At CrossFit Damascus we are passionate about building fitness, character and faith. We do this by offering a superior training experience, investing in our community and constantly improving our systems. Our gym offers CrossFit to people from all walks of life and our members challenge each other to be better people. Iron Sharpens Iron.

What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a fun way to exercise with like-minded people that prepares you for the challenges of daily life and sport. Workouts are presented in group classes by experienced and passionate coaches. All movements are scalable to individual ability and fitness level.

CrossFit Journal

Member Testimonies

“love this place... life changing... encouraging coaches who push us to excellence... other members are fun and keep it interesting and engaging. God is using this place for refining my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health..”

Adam Flowers Professor & Doctor

“Friendship, family, support, growth, strength, happiness..... Fitness!! Everything you could want and more!! Crossfit Damascus! I wouldn't think twice!”

Leejuan Brews Enviromental Practitioner

“The Motivation and Inspiration from the coaches and members makes one feel extremely good. Never thought I would say it, but I am addicted to CrossFit! ”

Daleen de Villiers Steyn

“A place for those who are looking for their better self! Continuous variation in excercise with a dash of intensity... I am hooked!”

Cor LudikGraphic Designer

“I started as a way to get back in shape, and CrossFit Damascus rapidly became a hobby and source of positive change in my life. From learning proper nutrition to physically and mentally challenging myself, it has only been for the better. ”

Matthew Castleman Athlete / Media Specialist